Please contact Barbara at Mid-Florida if you are interested in adopting these sweeties.

Barbara Davis
Mid-Florida Sheltie Rescue
[email protected]

Meet Oliver and Kara. These two little ones have been loved and cared for ALL their life. Through no fault of their own the husband passed away a few years back now their mom is in the hospital with cancer.  There is no other family to take these dogs. Right now they are in her home all by themselves with people coming over a few times a day. They do not have any bad habits. Very Polite, they have never been around children (that might be difficult for them) they do not mind other dogs or cats. They would like to go together as they are seniors 12 and 13.

They are located in Gainesville FL. Barbara is happy to help with transport. All she needs is your name and number if you have adopted from Mid-Florida before, or please fill out an application.

Sheltie for adoption FloridaSheltie for adoption Florida




6 Responses to “Mid Florida Rescue: Kara and Oliver”

  1. Maida Farrar

    Ahh, what beautiful little darlings. I hope someone can take both of them and keep these sweethearts together. I wish I could take them, if only I didn’t already have my hands full with my two darlings. God bless these sweeties and anyone who can help them.
    And kisses and hugs from me to Kara and Oliver.

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh my gosh, these sweet babies need a new forever home! Will share widely. Fingers and paws crossed they get adopted together SOON!

  3. Gloria

    Thanks for posting Kelly!
    Thanks Barbara for letting know they need a home!

    I hope and pray these sweeties get a furevery home soon!


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