The first puppy cup from Starbucks!

Sheltie having Starbucks

Trying to name this little girl, names so far Coco, Mocha, Tigger or Nala. (Suggestions welcomed!)

Thanks to Dolly! :)

6 Responses to “Coffee-Mate”

  1. Maida Farrar

    I see stars in her eyes. I would consider Starling. She is really a doll. Have fun with your little sweetheart.

  2. Amy

    I got a Sheltie pup this year and considered Coco. Went with Gracie. So hard to choose a name! Other names we considered: Raven, Luna, Riley, Skye, Haven, Maddie. I like Nala!

  3. Beverly

    Ah, a puppicino! Our Sheltie loves them. And with the fall weather; even more fun to sit out on patio and enjoy it.

  4. Rosemary James

    A suggestion my friend named her poodle Latte’ I thought that was really cute beautiful tri Sheltie.


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