Handsome Simba got to play best man at a friend’s wedding.

Sheltie in tux

Congrats to your friends, Piyra!

3 Responses to “I’m The Man!”

  1. Brad

    It’s too funny how when we shampoo and brush out shelties they just look more outrageous. I always thought it should somehow make them look more groomed and controlled.

  2. Jenny

    OK, I usually don’t like the dress up stuff but this is beyond adorable and I love having a best man with four legs and furry all over. He didn’t get drunk at the bachelor party did he?

  3. Gloria

    Great look Simba!

    Just saw a program on the news where a lady hires herself out as a bridesmaid.
    Maybe you have a new gig as a ring bearer or best man/dog stand in?


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