5 Responses to “That Sheltie Expression”

  1. Anita Flanigan

    What a sweet boy. We have 11 year old sable brother/sister littermates that were adopted separately 10 and 7 years ago that have the same soulful expressions, especially our sweet boy Robbie. Sometimes their look brings tears to my eyes. (my babies ;) It makes you wonder what experiences they had to go through before settling here in our “Sheltie Haven”. They are our 6 & 7th shelties’ in a row.
    I can’t get over Simon’s coloring, so different and beautiful.
    Thank you Kelly, for sending these beautiful photos each and every night.

  2. Gloria

    What an absolutely beautiful photo!
    That image depicts the quintessential Sheltie loving expression!
    Melt my heart!


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