5 Responses to “Hey! Atlantic Ocean! Here I Come!”

  1. Marie Williams

    Just like my Bella, she chases the waves and also ‘swears’ at the seagulls when they land on the water just out it paws reach (she will not go any deeper than elbows) .

  2. Maida Farrar

    Well, Tilly, my little Angel Nicholas was the best ever at running down the beach like lightning and chasing waves on the Oregon Coast. All the people on the beach stopped in their tracks and watched this beautiful little Sheltie going after the ocean and “capturing” a wave. One of the best memories ever. You keep it up, sweetheart.

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    Perfect action shot! You’re so lucky to have a Sheltie who enjoys the water. None of my Sheltie boys have ever liked even getting their feet wet. You go girl!


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