Shannon is a 6 year old female Sheltie who will be available for adoption from Granite State Sheltie Rescue. An elderly couple adored this girl just a little too much. They over fed her and now Shannon is an extremely over weight Sheltie – weighing in at 71 pounds! This has caused paralysis in her hind legs. She also had urine and feces all stuck to her under belly and hind end which caused her to have open sores that just weren’t visible until all the fur mats were removed. She is currently prescribed antibiotics for her skin infection.

Shannon was immediately brought to the vet’s, had blood work and a good physical done. Also with the help of the vet, removed all the mat’s and got her cleaned her up. Her blood work came back surprisingly good considering her condition, but her thyroid did come back on the low side. (She will be having more blood work for thyroid.) Because of her weight, the vet does not want to do anything just yet for her back legs as she needs to lose some weight first.

Right now, Shannon is being fostered and her foster mom is working very hard to rehabilitate her to get her moving and put onto a special diet. She was not able to walk very far on her own without having a lot of pain, so Shannon is doing water therapy three times a week.

Donations are encouraged as the treatments she is on are costly. You can help by visiting their website ( and directly donating.GSSR will be up dating Shannon’s progress on their Facebook page. It’s going to be a long road for this girl and one step at a time.

GSSR would like to thank the wonderful team at Horse ‘n Hound Physical Therapy for helping Shannon and she is getting better! Her weight loss is at 2 pounds already!  Go Shannon!

3 Responses to “New Hampshire Sheltie Rescue: Shannon”

  1. Maida Farrar

    Sweet Shannon, my heart goes out to you, honey. My sister adopted a very overweight Sheltie too, 55 pounds, and I thought that was really sad for her. You are definitely in need of a lot of help, honey, and I am glad you are getting it now. I am looking forward to hearing about your progress, sweetie. Keep up the good work. Pretty soon your life will be a whole lot better.

  2. Grant Gilchrist

    Could be wrong but I see the eye glare in the photo is two diffrent colors. Could be the angle but could be eye cancer.

  3. Jen Brooks

    Thank you Joanne for sharing this with me. thanks for the mention of HnHPT!!! really appreciate it. There is one correction you may wish to include that may make her more adoptable. She is not paralyzed, but rather has “hind limb weakness”??


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