Can you help this rescue find a home for Biscuit?

She is beautiful, ever so sweet and about the friendliest Sheltie ever! As you can see she is a double Merle. A young family got her for free at a horrible pet store in Orlando. The store was going to put her to sleep! These kind people have three other Shelties, but they both work full time they simply have no time for her. She just turned a year old and the rescue will get her a spay and up to date on everything.

She does know some hand signals and is very smart, but she cannot not hear. She wants to be near her person and loves to cuddle. You can tell she wants to please and be loved. We need to find her forever home!

If you can help or know someone please have them contact

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  1. Ann Corson

    Is Biscuit still needing a home?? Cannot believe this beautiful dog has not been adopted.
    Would be very interested to know more.

  2. Patricia

    I have the same concern Maida has. Many non-profit rescue organizations won’t allow adoption out of their State. I have been searching for another sheltie (young adult, about 5 or 6 yrs old) as a companion/playmate for my 10 yr old sheltie, Echo, from rescue organizations all over the country for the past 6 months with no luck bkz they don’t want to adopt to those out of their State. I’m in northern California but neither of the sheltie rescues here have had any dogs for adoption this year so that’s why I’ve been looking at dogs from rescue organizations outside of this State. I am willing to fly or drive to meet a sheltie dog from a rescue org & so they can meet me. I’m an experienced sheltie owner and a very experienced dog foster (various breeds, over 100 in the past 10 yrs, not anymore now), have a fully fenced 6′ wood fence on 1/3 acre & Echo loves other dogs. Although Echo is not deaf, I use hand signals to communicate with her much of the time. Any suggestions from any one as to a rescue org or breeder (no mills or pet stores) where I can find a sheltie to adopt soon. Echo has never been an only dog & is lonely for a new companion as her last pet playmate passed away earlier this year @ age 19.5 yrs old. I can provide outstanding references from my vet, adopters of my foster dogs, friends & neighbors to ensure the new sheltie is going to a good home.

  3. Michelle Prescott

    I had a sheltie for 17 years. I live alone in a -2 bedroom home. My backyard is fenced. I would love to have this sheltie for companion reasons. I’m 52 years old, live outside of Tampa. On the Gulf Coast..

  4. Cindy

    I’ll call tomorrow. I have a small bi-blue 3 year old female. Only issue is I live in a condo so no fence. But I use martingale collars and always leash them when I walk them.

  5. Maida Farrar

    I feel really bad for this darling girl, being saved from euthanasia and now the people find they can’t keep her. I looked at the rescue and see they won’t adopt out of state. I don’t understand this, and I have seen that other rescues have limits similar to this. This rules out many people who would love to adopt a pet they see needs them. At any rate, I sure hope this lovely Sheltie finds her forever, forever home. My sister had a double merle who was deaf who was an absolute joy. God Bless, honey, and I am sending lots of hugs and kisses.

  6. Bobbie

    Deaf shelties are ever so trainable, they just need to be trained differently. I hope the right person can look past her one flaw and take her into their heart. Having known several deaf (and even a deaf and blind sheltie, also the result of double merle) shelties, I know that person won’t regret it!

  7. Linda McCargar

    I live in Iowa and have 7 shelties now. We have 4 that are almost 13, a 9 yr old, and 2 4 yr olds. If you don’t find a home for Biscuit let me know. Three of ours are rescues. We have had Shelties for over 32 years.

    • Ellen

      God Bless You Linda. I have a double merle girl, but it breaks my heart that I have no room for another in our current home.


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