We adopted 9-year-old Max 1-1/2 years ago. He was very overweight at 55 pounds.

We got him down to his target weight of 30 pounds in a year. He’s full of energy now!

sheltie diet

Wow, Dianne! If only the rest of us could be so successful!

6 Responses to “No more “dough” in the doughnut!”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    That’s great! You’ve added years to his life and life to his years. Hugs to you for adopting!

  2. lucy

    That’s awesome .I would like to know how you’s did this.I would like my buddy to lose weight. Any suggestions.

    • Dianne Kottke

      It was a long, slow process. What we did was decreased his amount of food to where he was losing about 2 pounds a month, and took him for a walk almost every day. At first we could only walk to the neighbor’s house and back! But slowly we increased the lengths of our walks. It was hard not giving in to his begging for food, but dividing his daily amount into 3 meals a day helped. Also, we would feed him little snacks throughout the day, but healthy snacks like carrots, rice cakes, etc (and the occasional piece of hamburger, cheese, etc). Being committed to consistency is what did it, I guess. Good luck to you and your buddy!

  3. Gloria

    Max… you look marvelous!
    Bless you for adopting and caring enough to give him good health by losing weight!


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