“Mom, can you tell me again the story of how you rescued me?” asks Sweet Pea.

Sheltie cuddling

Awe Tracey, hugs for adopting!

3 Responses to “A Happy Ending”

  1. gloria

    Nothing makes the heart sing like the adoption of a sheltie!
    Bless you, for opening up your heart and home!

  2. Lou Kaplan

    We lost our beloved Sheltie girl at 9y 4m due to an asymptomic liver cancer. She left her mate and us with a hole in our hearts. We would like to adopt a female 5-7 yrs, full bred. We do lots of fun things or just hang out and take long walks. One sheltie is an agility champion, the girl we lost loved herding and nose work or just sleeping on our lap and she was a real clown. The girl that precede our current shelties was a rescue and was afraid of other dogs. She was great with people

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh my gosh, I could never have resisted that sweet face! Hugs to you for adopting—rescues are the best!


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