OK, Sheltie Nation peeps. Listen up!

Since 2006 Sheltie Nation has posted a photo every day of a cute Sheltie.

You heard that right. Every. Day. For over a decade.

Emails are getting a little thin and Tyler is bored without email to review. Where are all our Sheltie Nation friends? Hellooooo? Isn’t everyone done with all the holiday hoo ha?

So email us your funny, silly, sassy Sheltie photos at [email protected] Rescue groups send in profiles of dogs you have for adoption so we can feature them!

Tyler almost asleepYou…must…write…to…Sheltie…Nation…ZZZZ

7 Responses to “I’m So Bored.”

  1. Erin K.

    Do you have an Instagram account? Omg we’d love to see more pics of your dogs too! :) Sorry cutie pie Tyler! It seems the community has gotten lazy lol, me too. I’m going to submit a photo. I still love, love, love your website! Have had it bookmarked for almost 10 years. Happy New Year!

  2. Maida Farrar

    Dear Kelly, This is one gorgeous Sheltie! To answer your request, I love looking at the pictures every day and sometimes answering and I read Sheltie forums a lot. I would love to send pictures of my darling little babies, but I am just not technically intelligent enough to know how to do it. Keep up the wonderful work. I am definitely a dedicated Sheltie Nation “peep.”

  3. Linda McCargar

    Can anyone send pictures or do you have to be a member? I have 7 furbabies and have lots of pics. Let me know. Thanks

  4. Gloria

    Ok Tyler, sent some pictures for your review…
    I know your Sheltie fans won’t disappoint!


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