Tyler and Gypsy trying to convince me to stop working and start playing.

Shelties watching

Is it working, Jean?

 And here’s a little Love Story involving Sheltie Nation:

Back in 2010, Sheltie Nation posted some photos of little Tyler, who was with Second Chance Sheltie Rescue. I fell immediately and hopelessly in love with him. I knew that Tyler was MY DOG, and the simple fact that Second Chance Sheltie Rescue doesn’t do adoptions across state lines (I’m in Chicago) wasn’t going to stop this from happening.

Needless to say, we worked it out and here is my baby Tyler 8 years later, along with his ever-present buddy Gypsy.


3 Responses to “Sheltie Persuasion…and a happy story!”

  1. Gloria

    Bless you, Jean for adopting!
    Nothing makes the heart soar like saving a little sheltie soul!
    That photo of Tyler and Gypsy is beyond adorable!
    Glad you broke down to play with them!
    Many years of fun and enjoyment …

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    What a couple of darlings! So happy it worked out for Tyler to join your family!


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