Hi, I’m Draco.

I’m looking for Shelties near me that would love to play.

Sheltie and flowers

And he has a cute smile to boot, Stephanie! :)

3 Responses to “WANTED: Friend”

  1. Sharon

    Draco, you look so much like my Faith, and she and her new nephew Eli would LOVE to come play with you!

  2. Jenny Brown

    I’m Ricky and I will be your twin when I grow up. I live in south western NH.

  3. Sandra

    I have a Sheltie that looks just like him and she has the same problem. Her sister is a Yorkie and is almost 10 years old, so she is cranky, and can’t keep up with a pup ( almost 2 years old). Where do you live, we live in MICHIGAN and sure would be funny if we were close. I hope you find a playmate. We even thought about adopting a Sheltie close to her age, or as young enough to still play, but we camp a lot during the camping season and we thought 3 dogs would be kind of tighte in the camper.


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