Sheltie in carrierAttached is a cool pic of myself and my now 11-year-old Sheltie, Whisky.

Whisky has bilateral hip dysplasia and, many years ago, his patellas (kneecaps) popped out, but we never noticed because he kept walking, so now they are fused this way. Therefore, Whisky has mobility problems. He still runs, walks and jumps but gets tired more quickly. Long walks are out of the picture.

We have been wanting to find a solution to take him on hikes with us (as it is, we often refrain from enjoying nature because we can’t take him with us). We looked at dog carriers, but the dog has to be in the «begging» position, which he can’t since his legs do not fold anymore. They are also crazy expensive and can barely fit a dog his size.

Solution? A baby carrier! 20$ on the classifieds and he is one happy dog! His hind legs protrude from the sides (like a baby, literally), so they aren’t stressed at all and the padded bottom fits him perfectly (we tuck his tail under him). His front legs rest on my shoulders and he has a great view. Plus, the carrier has pockets for the poop-bags on the waist strap and a bigger pocket for treats or whatever in the back. It is also free standing, so we can put him on the ground in that position.

He looks really happy to be included in your outings, Hugo!

3 Responses to “A Shelite necessity is the mother of invention”

  1. Rosanne

    I absolutely love this! What we won’t do to keep our shelties happy and with us. So ingenious. Hugs to Hugo and Whisky!

  2. Deborah Perez

    Great solution. What brand carrier did you find works? I have a twenty-eight lb. thirteen year-old sheltie who needs a ride for longer hikes.

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    This story brought tears to my eyes and a BIG smile on my face! What a wonderful family you are!


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