At 17 years and counting, every cool breeze with Gracie on a late afternoon is a blessing!

17 year old Sheltie

For sure, Leesa. Give her a cookie and a hug from all of us!

8 Responses to “Every day is a gift.”

  1. Sharon

    WOW! I can only hope for this for my 3 Shelties. You and Gracie are so blessed. She looks so sweet in the photo.

  2. Maida Farrar

    I agree that both of you are really blessed! I wish you many more years of love. Let us know how your future is together. My dear shelties wish you all the best.

  3. Debbie

    SEVENTEEN!! How wonderful! We have a rescue who will be 16 soon and is in great shape. Gracie, you are indeed an inspiration!

  4. Chris

    Gracie, you’re an inspiration and a joy to behold. May every day be soft and kind!
    Love from Chris and the Nattering Springs Shelties

  5. Gloria

    Leesa, you certainly are blessed to have dear Gracie at 17! What a great mom you must be to have allowed her such a great healthy and happy life! Please give her a hug and kiss!! We all wish we were as luck as you to have our Shelties at 17!


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