4 Responses to “Trials of the Annual Holiday Photo”

  1. Panda's mom

    These are SO funny to the depths of my hidden frustrations I didn’t want to admit were there in my own photoshoots!!! Especially the comment, “Bitsy, what the heck are you looking at?!!” And the pathetically sheepish look on the one Sheltie after being “corrected!” Thanks SO much for sharing your not-so-perfect but hilarious moments!!! :)

  2. Sharon

    I laughed so hard, especially the pumpkin “growing” out of Bitsy’s head…. it’s so hard to corral a group of Shelties for that perfect photo! Thanks for sharing.

  3. gloria

    JUST LOVE this series of images…
    Yes, we have all been through this struggle!

    Thanks for sharing these endearing sheltie images.


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