This is our darling wee Dusty (often called Bubba) We rescued him at 9 years old (now 10) he is an absolutely perfect little boy in every way. He is so happy now and so full of love and life. He is a Joy to everyone he meets and a real mummy’s boy.

Congratulations and hugs for adopting, Gerry.

13 Responses to “Dusty is a perfect 10!”

  1. Gloria

    Dusty is beyond adorable!

    Bless you, many times over for adopting this sweet soul!
    Rescues are the best and you never know who really rescued who! That is the best part of rescues…

    I know you will have many years of cuddles and good times to come! Happy New Year to you both!

  2. Dave O'Brien

    Hi Gerry, You are a lucky lad to have Dusty adopt you. I can see he has taken you to his heart and ,I’m sure, will continue to look after you for many happy years yet. See you on the M8.

    • Gerry

      Thanks Dave. We are very lucky to have him! Hoping he owns us for many years to come. I’ll try not to look down on you from way up high on the M8 lol :)

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh Dusty, you are a perfect 10! And I have no doubt you’ll be just as perfect for many birthdays to come. Extra hugs to you Gerry, for adopting a senior!

  4. Elaine McCrimmon

    He is just adorable, he couldn’t have went to a more perfect family. Mummy and Daddy dote on him.


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