Here is Keeko and her very own Prince Charming Charlie. They met recently and sat beautifully for Charlie’s owner Linda who took this lovely photo in her garden in St Cyrus, Scotland.

How sweet, Moyra and Linda!

3 Responses to “Garden Gnomes”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    It’s always a treat to see shelties in their home land of Scotland! These two wee bairns are especially lovely!

  2. Maida Farrar

    OMG, what cuties!!! I love the Shelties who have a shorter snout and it seems Scotland is where to find them. I would love to know if they have a breeder I could contact in the future. I have two wonderful Shelties now but unfortunately they don’t live forever and my older one is now 10 1/2. I just love this picture. Keeko and Charlie are adorable.

  3. Ken

    What a couple of wee posers! I’m sure treats followed shortly after the photo was taken. :)


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