Buddy Two Shoes looking cute handsome on his Sheltie blanket! Buddy was adopted in 2016 from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue.

What a sweet face. Hugs for adopting, Joyce! :)

8 Responses to “Who’s Your Buddy?”

  1. Patti

    Love that you call him “Buddy Two Shoes”. One of my (many) nicknames for our girl, Pixie has always been “Pixie Two Shoes”!!

  2. Barbara Pyron

    Aw, I’ve seen sweet Buddy Two Shoes on Facebook for several years. So fun to see his handsome face here!

  3. Gloria

    Bless your heart Buddy Two Shoes!
    You certainly landed in the best forever home!

    Bless you Joyce for opening your heart and home! Nothing feel better than to rescue a sheltie in need!


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