Gavin has been mobility challenged for over a year now due to multiple untreatable injuries. We don’t let that stop us!

Chillin’ by the San Francisco Bay.
At the local park.
Gavin at the beach.
Gavin at pillar point harbor.
Exploring Golden Gate Park.
Gavin also enjoys watching a local softball game!

What a great Sheltie mom you are, Cindy!

4 Responses to “Have wheels, will travel!”

  1. Barbara Pyron

    Oh my dog, Gavin is such an inspiration to all of us! Bless you both ??

  2. Gloria

    Well Gavin, you look mighty fine in your hot wheels! We know how much you and Cindy enjoy your beach visits!

    Wonderful to see such great supports are available to keep our pups mobile and happy!


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