Here is my Cooper on a recent backpacking trip. We started taking him backpacking/hiking/camping, not knowing how he would behave, or how he would enjoy it. It turns out he loved it and was a really good boy! He also slept really really well at night in the tent.

The smile says it all, Kim!

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  1. MO

    I used to backpack in the Adirondacks years ago with my rescue Sheltie Tipper. ..thanks for the picture. …it takes me back. He was the same as your guy Cooper, but he didn’t like to cross streams (he hated getting his feet wet). I had to carry him across the smallest trickle (so embarrassing) and I always hoped no one would come around a bend in the trail and catch me carrying my dog! LOL! He was a great companion and I miss him still. Once on a regular walk along a road, a man passed us in a car and when he saw Tippy run to my side and sit right next to me in order to be safe from his car, he stopped and offered me $500 for him (as if you could put a price on a loving, hiking sheltie-companion!) :-)

  2. Jenny Brown

    We took our first sheltie into the Wind River Mountains (Wyoming) hiking and he was sooooo happy. Later he and our first female went on a couple of trips into the same mountains. Fun for all of us. We all slept in the tent together and every dog since has been introduced to camping and sleeping in the tent as part of training.

  3. Cindy

    What fun! Gavin did lots of backpacking when he was younger and he loved it, too!
    I learned the hard way the importance of dog booties on trails with any rocks after his paws got cut up one day :( We have been proud ruffwear users ever since.


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