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  1. Mary Elizabeth Moore

    Is Gloria adoptable?
    I lost Bishop, my Sheltie, 3 years ago (renal failure) and am now finally ready to add one to my family. I have no children; do have 5 feline rescues ranging in ages 11-4. He ‘raised’ the 3 younger ones with the wisdom he gained from the older two. Especially interested in a Sheltie puppy or Special Needs. ????
    Respectfully submitted,
    Mary Elizabeth

    • Ken

      Mary Elizabeth,

      I’m not sure where you live but local shelters and rescues can probably put you onto one or more Sheltie sources. Here in Utah, we have a Sheltie Rescue of Utah. The woman who runs it has mostly senior and/or special needs Shelties. You could also try a Google search in your area. They are such delightful dogs! Good luck.



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