This is Saylor, an adopted rescue from NVSR.  She is a tripod who came in to rescue with a dislocated shoulder and after that was repaired she broke both of the bones in her front leg.  She doesn’t let any of it slow her down.  She’s still one of the fastest squirrel chasers I’ve ever seen!

She does have that windblown look about her, Nancy and Dan! :)

4 Responses to “I will never be benched from squirrel chasing!”

  1. Deb Howe

    I am new to this site but want to say all of your sheltie pictures are just beautiful. I adopted my rescue sheltie three months ago. I love her so much. She is 7 yo, Maggie is her name

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh Sailor, you are an inspiration and a beautiful girl! Hugs to you and your mom and dad for adopting you!

  3. Gloria

    Bless you, Nancy and Dan, for the rescue of sweet Saylor!
    What a sweet face and expression.
    Nothing fills your heart more than a rescue of a sheltie!


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