Soprano Trio on the right, Basses humming on the left and Bella, our little girl in the middle, doing what she wants, as usual!

From the left – Bonnie, Gracie, Petey, Murphy, Bella, Savannah, Kayla, and Sunshine. Five of our pups came to us by way of Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue (NVSR).

Oh my goodness, Janie!

4 Responses to “Christmas Chorus”

  1. Sharon

    I absolutely adore this photo. What a beautiful group. Bella cracks me up, her little independent spirit shines right through. Reminds me of my angel, Ally.

  2. Bobbie Py

    Oh my Dog! I can’t get my little sheltie boy to sit still for one photograph–I can’t imagine how you get EIGHT shelties to sit so pretty for a photo! What a sweet pack!

  3. Gloria

    If this image doesn’t warm your heart and soul nothing will! That they are mostly rescues is the icing on the cake!
    Bless you Hane for opening your heart and home. I can only dream of having more than three shelties!

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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