Here’s Happy, a dedicated fan of Sheltie Nation for almost 12 years, wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Due to congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension (apparently from a grain-free diet) she tires quickly. We recently purchased her little Happy Mobile stroller so she can still enjoy walks with us and we can enjoy her company.

She is beautiful, Susan and Gerry! And that SMILE! <3

2 Responses to “A joyful Easter!”

  1. Gloria

    What a wonderful picture of Happy!
    You can see the love and enthusiasm of being with her pack.
    These strollers are the BEST investment EVER!
    I used them many times as my pets got older and less mobile.
    Everyone comments how wonderful it is to have them with you on long walks when they are no longer able to do so on their own!

  2. Maida Farrar

    What a really sweet picture of Happy! Such a big smile. She is obviously awfully happy here. Bless her heart. And bless her parents for doing so much for her so she can have such a good time. Kisses and hugs.


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