Gavin: “Ooooo! Ahhhh! Snort!”

Two students gave Gavin a back-rub after reading time at their school Feb. 25. They appreciate him coming to their class every week.

I’m sure they miss him too, Linda!

One Response to “Missing Friends”

  1. Linda DeYoung and Gavin Sheltie

    Hi, This is Gavin’s mistress, Linda. Such a treat seeing his goofy face on this post on Sheltie Nation! I wanted to let you know that while the children are missing actually petting Gavin at school … they are not missing READING to Gavin. As soon as I learned that school was closing for COVID, I set up ZOOM app and schedule four to six students a day, five days a week. So about 20 or more kids are reading to Gavin and I each week. We all enjoy it, the parents, too! Looks like it will be a long haul as school reopening keeps being pushed further away. Take care, Sheltie friends.


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