I hope you are faring well with all this Covid-19 scariness. It’s a good opportunity to look at some old pics. This is one of my favorites. Rocky and Mollie are no longer with us but they loved smelling my tulips. Here they are basking in the sun! Stay well and thank you for bringing sunshine to all us pet parents during this trying time!

Thank you for sharing your bit of sunshine, Denise! <3

3 Responses to “Sunny Memories”

  1. Paige Thomas

    Denise Rocky and Molly are beautiful! Times like this I so miss our Timmy and Buddy because they were such comforts. Miss them every day – but even more now.
    Thanks for sharing your beauties and for the good thoughts?? Blessings!

    • Denise

      Thank you for writing , pls send in pics of your babies if you can. I would love to see them! Be well and SheltieSmile!


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