This little girl wrapped her arms around Gavin’s neck and held him close. Here’s why: She thought he was her new puppy, miraculously delivered nine months early.Gavin and I stopped by one of his reader’s homes to award a student a certificate for reading to him so regularly at school in 2019-2020.When we arrived, I sat Gavin on the porch right in front of the glassfront door, rang the bell, and walked down the steps to the sidewalk, to socially distance. A young sibling trotted into the hall, saw Gavin sitting at the door, stopped short, and then screamed with the greatest joy I’ve heard in a while: “Mommy! Mommy! Our new puppy’s here!” She flung the door open, rushed out, and encircled Gavin’s fluffy neck with both arms, kissing him and holding him tight.Her mother came out, and she kept saying, “Look, Mom, it’s our new puppy! He’s here! He’s here!”As it turns out, a couple of days prior to our visits, the family had placed an order with a breeder for a puppy; said puppy to be bred in the winter and come to them in nine months. Time and space don’t matter to little ones who believe in magic. When the little girl saw Gavin sitting at her door, she thought it was their new puppy. Mom had to explain to her. She must have imprinted Gavin on her heart so strongly at that first sighting because when we had to leave, she cried and cried and I felt so badly for her. In fact, I had a time getting Gavin to leave her…he felt it for sure.The older sister was not there, anyway, so we’re going tomorrow to present her certificate and everyone can pet him again. Gavin has really missed the affection he normally receives from so many, so we’re just using clean hands and petting, but no licking by Gavin.

Awe Linda, such sweetness!

3 Responses to “Gavin: A Case of Mistaken Identity”

  1. Lucy Kaczynski

    Loved this and thank you for the story. Shelties are great at giving unconditional love .

  2. Sharon

    What an incredibly sweet story. Gavin is a special guy. Hope their new puppy can compare!


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