This is Tully receiving her first prize certificate and brooch for winning one of the categories in the NSW Shetland Sheepdog Virtual Show 2020. As you can see, she was very surprised!

The show was held to fundraise for the Australian Shetland Sheepdog Nationals in Sydney in 2021. A novel way to deal with the cancellation of all dog shows, competitions and training in Australia due to Covid19.

There were 713 entries and if people would like to see images of lots of lovely Australian Shelties a photo catalogue of all the entries (except videos) is here.

The videos of the dog sports, including Tully’s winning flyball run, are on the “@shetlandsheepdogvirtualdogshow2020” Facebook page.

Photo is also posted on my thread on the virtual show on Sheltie Forums.

Way to go, Tully & Caroline!

6 Responses to “WOW! I won?!”

    • Caroline

      Thanks. She doesn’t win many prizes now she’s old but she’s still a special little girl.

  1. Gloria H Gomah

    Go Tully!
    You are a STAR and made your mom proud!
    … and all of us at Sheltie Nation too!

    • Caroline

      TY. Somehow I missed the picture on my SN feed. She’s just my bestest litle girl.


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