Little Prince Spaghetti
by Joan Gilbert Madsen

Even as a puppy, Little Prince knows exactly what he wants—to be a “Top Show Dog” like his father and grandfather before him. His life is all planned out, until the day his world comes crashing down. A story of hope, humiliation and heart.

Little Prince Spaghetti is a gift book for sheltie lovers, dog lovers, and anyone who likesto cheer for the underdog. Kids love it too. It is written and designed with the feel of an old-time children’s picture book. So curl up with the kids, grandkids or pups and read it out loud.

When you order a new book (not used from a reseller) on Amazon, it comes with a greeting card based on the book’s illustrations.

Little Prince Spaghetti
32-page hard cover book
6.25” x 6.25”
Color cover and black & white interior illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9819940-2-4
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Joan spent much of her youth training and showing Shelties in 4-H and AKC Jr. Showmanship. Some of her fondest memories are traveling the dog show circuit with her aunt Carol Howell. She went on to have a career in graphic design and illustration but kept her love of Shelties and has always had one as her puppy love.

In addition to Little Prince Spaghetti, Joan has written and/or illustrated two other children’s books: Wallowa Lake–The REAL Story, and ‘Twas the Night Before Round-Up (written by Nancy Attebury).

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