This is 12 year old bi-blue, Starry. He had a gallbladder mucocele removed 3 weeks ago, and both of us are feeling much better with that pesky gallbladder out. It was a close call, he was a sick doggie.

So glad to hear he is doing well, Kathy. Such a sweet face!

4 Responses to “I feel better! Cookie please?”

  1. dave

    Glad your fur kid is doing well. Our kid , Mr. Rex ,had a gallbladder mucocele also , but we treated it with meds. I’m now thinking we should have had it removed . We lost Mr. Rex at 13 years , way to early….. Take care

  2. Paige

    So happy to hear Starry did well with his surgery and is feeling better. We went through this with our Timmy years ago – at the age of 10. But he wasn’t acutely ill so we did not opt for surgery. Changed eating habits often over the next 5 years though. So wish this was not a common Sheltie issue.
    Sending love and hugs to you both.

  3. Gloria

    Kathy, I am so happy that Starry got his surgery done! I was not as fortunate as I lost my first Sheltie to this horrible condition that impacts shelties!

    You are giving everyone a reminder to have your Sheltie an ultrasound after five years of age and get a complete blood panel too!

    So glad you are together! Hugs


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