This is Faith, who will be 17 years old today. She still plays, barks at visitors and walks a mile or two daily.

Give her a hug and a cookie from us all, Diane!

9 Responses to “Sweet 17!”

  1. Sharon

    She looks FABULOUS!!! I can only pray my own Faith will be with me that long, and still healthy! Hugs to you both.

  2. Gloria

    Diane, you are so blessed to have Faith at 17! What a dream to be able to have had mine at 17! You are most certainly doing something right! Wow, walking a mile at that age is really impressive! Hugs to your both. You guys are an inspiration!

    • Diane Anderson

      Thank you for your comments! Faith (who was a rescue at age 3) is truly amazing. I refer to us both as “crochety old ladies” (I am 80). But we have always walked miles together and I believe this has contributed to both our ages. I am currently taking my younger dog, Bella, to Agility Classes and I am the only one of any age who can run as fast as the dog…:-)

      • Gloria

        OK, I am speechless!
        I can only dream of being that agile at 80!

        You are correct, dogs keep us young!
        Best of luck to you and Bella at Agility Classes.
        I am sure Faith will be on the sidelines cheering you guys on!


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