We lost our beautiful boy Bowie in November, but we still take great delight from your daily Sheltie photos. These ones were taken before he got sick. We miss him lots but your website helps us still get a fix of crazy Sheltie antics.

Thank you for sharing beautiful Bowie with us all, Rebecca and continuing to visit SN. Many hugs! <3

3 Responses to “Answering the call”

  1. Wendy

    Bowie was truly a beauty.
    In our life we have loved and lost six wonderful Shelties, and we still love and miss each one.
    Every morning, I look forward to seeing another beautiful Sheltie on Sheltie Nation.
    It puts a smile on my face to begin my day.
    Bless you and bless Sheltie Nation.

  2. Paige Thomas

    Sending hugs Rebecca. Our two have been gone 2 and 3 years and a day doesn’t go by without missing them. Shelties are so special. Bowie was beautiful – thanks for sharing your pics.

  3. Gloria

    You can just see the sweetness in Bowie’s face.
    Such a loss for your heart and soul.
    So glad Sheltie Nation can brighten your days a bit after his loss.
    He will remain in your heart forever!


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