Postcard perfect, Macy stares pensively into the turquoise waters of the Bahamas. 
Macy is a full-time live aboard boat dog, currently on her second trip to the Bahamas with her humans. She loves zoomies on the white sand beaches, & you can see from her wet fur that she actually DOES go into the water & even enjoys swimmies!

So beautiful, Helene!

4 Responses to “Wish You Were Here!”

  1. frank minch

    sorry. i love those pictures. someone was talking to me while i was writing that message.

  2. frank minch

    i love they pictures. i love my sheltie. he is great. we case game. he gets his toys and brings them to me. they he runs wants me to try and get it off of him. he really enjoys that game. he bark a lot at things that go on outside, like he trying to control everything. he really barks at other dogs that walk by. he does not bark at the little dachshund that is outside on a chain. but barks at two huskies that live a house on the other side. he even howls at them. how can i stop the barking?


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