Toonie was diagnosed with cancer at age 5 and was operated on.  We had hoped we got it all, but it returned last October after his 7th birthday.  He had a total mandibulectomy and now needs to be manually fed.  However we are happy to say that he is out of pain, and has outlived his projected survival of 2 months – it is now nearly 8 months. You can imagine losing a lower jaw would be very traumatic for any dog, but Toonie has managed to come through and appears to be happy.  It is quite traumatizing for the human counterparts as well, and we are quite willing to discuss the process with anyone who might have questions or concerns. Bibs are now a necessary part of our daily routine!

What a wonderful Sheltie mom you are, Carolyn!

7 Responses to “When you think I couldn’t get any cuter…”

  1. David Pasicznyk

    Best wishes and prayers for Toonie. You certainly are a great person who loves her little Sheltie. The world needs more kind and loving people like you. We need more Sheltie people in the world to make it a kinder and better place. Lots of hugs and kisses to Toonie, from us and our dear (13 year old) Sheltie, Faith.

  2. John Harmon

    God bless you for taking such good care of your love. I lost my love two months ago. My Sheltie; Champ was almost 15 years old. I always referred to him as my four leg son; and he was. Some day in the future I hope to find a Sheltie rescue to fill the hole in my heart that I have. Again, bless you for your love of your special Sheltie. “SHELTIES RULE”

  3. Wendy

    Dear Carolyn,
    You are the most dedicated, loving Sheltie mom ever!
    Toonie, I’m sure is more than worth anything you have done for him.
    Somehow Shelties seem to pay you back many times over, just by being Shelties.
    Bless you and your too cute Toonie.

  4. Jan Edwards

    I appreciate immensely and respect you for loving and caring for your Toonie through all his tumult. I know the love you feel. We are blessed to have such a sweet fur baby as we find in our Shelties. ????

    Jan, Hidalgo’s Mommuh

  5. Paige

    Blessings to you Carolyn, and to Toonie! What a precious pup. Caring for them when they have special needs is a labor of love. Our Timmy had liver issues his last few years and I had to feed him/coax him a lot. But ur was worth it, and I would do it again. Thanks for sharing his story.

  6. Paula Smythe

    My Cousin had Cancer in her lower jaw… 2 operations – Doctors made a lower jaw from part of her hip…..she suffered…after all she had gone through 3 yrs later she died…..I really wish Toonie all the very best…at least with Dogs – Vets are a blessing when our Animals are beyond help…sadly we will all have to make that decision, one day. I can’t imagine how a beautiful Dog like Toonie copes…I am always guided by the Vets advice. All the best people to Toonie’s Family.


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