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Gracie Noel Jones

May you walk next to Jesus daily

11/09/2010 -


Gracie Noel Jones has been the best sheltie ever! She potty trained at 7 weeks, by simply letting out a cry to say she wanted out. This cry became her signal for everything daily! and my alarm clock! 6am, 6 pm and 8 pm for treat, 11pm for time out. She was an on time girl! She gave birth to 5 liters of puppies! Thus 20 babies! She was such a good mom and trained each so well! She loved her walks, running on the beach, and she loved rolling in grass, sand and getting crazy smells on her! She loved car rides, walks in the park, tug of war, chasing the tennis ball, and simply time spent with mom, me. She spent her whole life with Indiana Jones, which was her mate. I recall her being so tiny at first, and then grown, so full of energy and play! I wanted to take her to the Grand Canyon, but she didn’t make it. I dream of her walking beside me and following me from room to room. I miss her so much! She was attacked and skull crushed by fatal bites of a husky, who I didn’t know, and so unfair and unexpected, to such a girl who never would harm anyone ever. Her time was cut short. Being such a good mom, she would take toys that squeaked and put them in her bed and care for them as if they were puppies. She was alert, guarded, and so well trained! One day in her younger years, I went to my sons baseball game. Sitting in the stands, someone hit the ball from the bat, and Gracie slipped her collar, ran out on the baseball field past 2nd base, faster than the runners, and got the ball! then bringing it back to me. She learned how to slip her collar alot after that. It was a surprise to all players, and she just wanted to be in the game! I took her sled riding one time and she went down the hill on the tube with me! I put her in booties and a pink coat. She loved the snow! After being fixed, she seem to puff out… but the vet always commented on how healthy she was. So proud of her and miss her so much. You are so loved Gracie. She held her dog treat each night and would bring it to you to trade, if you had chicken, or something better. She also won first place in pet photo contest! So much love and didn’t even have any joint problems. Missing you so much Gracie! ( She came from Michigan.). Lived in Ohio for 8 years, and South Carolina for 4-5 years

Memorial created on June 11, 2023

by Diane