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What Makes A Good Dog Bed?

Are you looking for a small dog bed for your Shetland Sheepdog? I've researched some popular dog beds online that serve variable purposes, such as: Keeping warm and curling up on cold winter nights Keeping cool and breezy on hot summer nights Helping young puppies dogs feel secure in a [...]

What Is The Best Dog Leash?

There are three types of dog leash covered here and the best one for your Shetland Sheepdog is variable - it all depends on your dog's needs, for example: Are you leash training a puppy or adult dog? Do you trust your dog and want to give him more freedom? [...]

Slow Feed Dog Bowls

Is your Sheltie eating too fast? If so, a regular dog food bowl is not the best way to feed your pooch. Did you know there are some simple yet clever slow feed dog bowls which will physically stop your Sheltie eating too fast and gulping down air? Competition and [...]

Pet Food Containers and Oxidization

Read This Before Opening! Are you using pet food containers or dog food dispensers to store your dog's food?   Are you aware that, by not using those pet food containers properly, your well-intended actions could in fact result in a very sick dog! The moment you open that bag [...]

Pet Food Storage

We've compiled these important pet food storage tips, and recommendations for the best dog food containers to help you ensure your pooch is eating the freshest and healthiest dog food possible. © Photo by EraPhernalia Vintage Hopefully, you've reviewed our dog food ratings and comparison chart, and are now feeding [...]

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