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Sheltie Names

Here is a selection of Sheltie names to help inspire you when you’re naming your beautiful new Sheltie puppy! Names are important, as you’ll be hollering this at the dog park for years to come – and a funny-sounding name could score you a few looks! It’s also important to pick a name that your Sheltie can easily recognize. It’s easier for them to pick out hard/sharp letters like ‘K’ and ‘T’ than it is soft letters like ‘F’ and ‘N’. You can also make it easier on your dog by giving them a name with only one or two syllables (forget Rumplestiltskin unless you’re going to shorten it!)

Our Favorite Sheltie Names

Sheltie Names
Name that Sheltie!

If you’re a fan of Sheltie Planet, you’ll know that we have two Shetland Sheepdogs, Howard (right) and Piper.

When we were choosing a name for Howard, it soon became clear that Peter and I had different tastes! Peter wanted a grand, discerning name (like Donald, Frank or Douglas) while I wanted a softer, more poetic name (like Leo, Charlie or Blake).

After some pretty hilarious discussions on Sheltie names we settled on Howard, primarily because of Howard Moon of the comedy show, The Mighty Boosh. And so our adorable, fluffy, innocent, playful and wee little dog was officially named Mr Howard Woofington Moon!

Piper, who we adopted at nine months old, already had a name. We wouldn’t have named him this ourselves but it’s pretty cute and discerning so we like it anyway! Naturally, he also adopted his brother’s surname, so it’s Piper Woofington Moon.

Cool Dog Names for Your Shetland Sheepdogs

There’s no real rule book on what make good Sheltie names, so I’m just going to throw lots of ideas out there and hope you’ll be inspired!

I’ve found ideas for Sheltie puppy names in their looks (after all, a name should suit its owner). And since the most common coat color is Sable (tan/gold/mahogany and white) you might like to consider names like Sandy, Bear, Honey and Foxy.

Sheltie Puppy Names
Piper is a foxy fellow

If you have a Tri Color Sheltie, names like Jet, Blackie, Raven or Shadow seem pretty fitting, since the primary color is black. Lastly on the coat color front, Blue Merle’s can be named after your favorite wizard – such as Gandalf or Merlin. Those sound like pretty cool dog names if you ask me!

Male Sheltie Dog Names

You can also have human-sounding Sheltie puppy names, which will make your Shetland Sheepdog sound like a proper little character! Consider Arthur, Andris, Benji, Barney, Donnie, Eddie, Freddie, George, Horatio, Louis, Mack, Ollie, Oscar, Stewie, Stevie, Victor or Willie!

Of course, I’ve softened these Sheltie names because I prefer them that way. But you can turn them into their formal counterparts for a whole different sound (eg, Eddie to Edward, or Ollie to Oliver). Just know that you should stick with one variation of the name so you don’t confuse your dog. This the the main reason why Howard is Howard – and not Howie!

Female Sheltie Dog Names

If you are looking for cute female Sheltie puppy names, how about Annie, Amy, Cassie, Daisy, Flo, Goldie, Heidi, Henri, Lucy, Minnie, Maggie, Nelly, Ruby, Rose, Sammy, Sadie, Tammy, Vicky or Willow!

Famous Character Names

If you want Sheltie puppy names that have a special meaning, why not look to your favorite characters from books, movies and legends? Some character names that would work well as Sheltie names are: Leia (Star Wars), Bessie (The Faraway Tree), Ludo (The Labyrinth), Nibbler (Futurama), Athena (Greek Goddess of Wisdom), Simba, Timone or Pumbaa (The Lion King), Stitch (Lilo and Stitch), Neo, Morpheus or Trinity (The Matrix), Marty or Doc (Back To The Future).

More Cool Dog Names

Finally, if you want a good old traditional name for your Shetland Sheepdog, I’ve saved this space especially for you. Some cutesy as well as cool dog names I found are: Astro, Buttercup, Bilko, Bamba, Dexter, Digger, Gonzo, Einstein, Kermit, Loco, Peanut, Pickle, Rio, Sunny, Taz, Tigger, Xena, Zara, or Zuce!

Cool Dog NamesYou can find more ideas for cool Sheltie names in The Best Pet Name Book Ever. It has more than 3,000 ideas for naming dogs (and, for that matter, cats, goldfish, hamsters and pets of any imaginable kind!) This edition has been updated to include dog names from recent movies and TV shows as well as sports celebrities and other public figures.

This bonanza of Sheltie puppy names is categorized to reflect your pet’s appearance and personality, based on famous literary characters, terms of endearment, historical figures, names of places and more. The humorous illustrations add to the pet-naming fun. I’m sure you’ll find it useful coming up with your own pet Sheltie names!

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