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Sheltie Puppy Training Reviews

So you want to train your Sheltie puppy, but don’t know where to begin?

Cute Sheltie PuppyThere are many dog training philosophies these days, so it can be hard figuring out which are the best methods to use on our sensitive little Shelties.

That’s why I decided to investigate the top Sheltie training programs online and highlight my favorite ones for readers of Sheltie Planet.

All of these products have solid reputations and have received many glowing customer testimonials, including ones from fellow Sheltie owners.

Train Pet Dog

The Original Sheltie Dog Training Program

Online Sheltie Puppy TrainingPros: Train Pet Dog is a long standing dog training resource with lots of breed-specific information and advice. They know all about Shelties and their unique personalities and training habits. That’s why it is so effective; it’s based on the two things your Shetland Sheepdog craves… your love and your attention.

This online course covers 12 hands-off puppy training secrets including: your Sheltie’s natural instinct to obey you, using treats without bribery, leash walking without pulling, curbing excessive barking, and keeping your new Sheltie puppy from crying, whining or howling in the night… guaranteed. To get a taste for this course, check out the free dog training articles on their website.

Cons: For an online course, their website looks quite dated which puts me off as a website owner. However there is so much free information here you can’t go wrong.

For More Info: Take advantage of oodles of free Sheltie training tips at the Train Pet Dog website and find details of their online course.


Secrets to Dog Training

A Straight-Talking, Comprehensive Dog Training eBook

Secrets to Dog TrainingPros: Secrets to Dog Training is now the most popular dog training program on the net and I can see why. It is user-friendly and covers an extensive list of training topics. Included in the ebook are consultations with real dog owners with advice on nipping, chewing, excessive barking and separation anxiety which are all common issues with Sheltie puppies.

Bonuses include a house training ebook (essential reading for new puppy owners), audio files so you can listen to the whole book in the car, and a grooming guide which will come in handy when your Sheltie grows into his full coat. To get a taste for what this program is like, take a look at their informative free mini guide: 5 Dog Training Myths.

Cons: Since this is the most extensive and comprehensive puppy dog training course available, it costs a little more at $39.95 (although worth what you get out of it).

For More Info: Discover more puppy training tips at the Secrets to Dog Training website, with full details of the ebook and special bonuses.


Dove Cresswell’s Puppy and Dog Training Online

A Fun Video-Based Puppy and Dog Training Program

Dove Cresswell's Puppy and Dog Training OnlinePros: This is a fresh and fun online video approach to Sheltie puppy training. Dove Cresswell is a professional Hollywood dog trainer and only uses the most humane training methods which she picked up from her experiences with many top dog trainers.

For a new Sheltie puppy owner, the best lessons are on housebreaking and crate training, as well as obedience and good puppy manners. She also has some great videos on special dog tricks which Sheltie owners will love. You can watch a free video at Dove’s website right now which teaches the Shake-a-Paw command. Cute stuff!

Cons: You must be online to watch Dove’s video lessons and listen to the audios. This can be a pro or a con depending on which method of learning you prefer; there is very little actual reading involved.

For More Info: Visual learners will like Dove’s friendly interactive website for Sheltie puppy training and full details of her video course.

Clicker Training: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer

The #1 Clicker Training Resource

Clicker TrainingPros: Clicker training is a powerful yet gentle dog training method based on positive reinforcement. I use it on my Shelties for all kinds of obedience tasks, including recall and eliminating fear (of children in Piper’s case). The best thing about the clicker method is once your dog gets to know it, you’ll find it very easy to entrain all kinds of new behaviors using a simple click.

This clicker training ebook is written by two expert Nordic dog trainers. In simple steps, they teach you the four big secrets of clicker training and how to apply the clicker to all kinds of situations (including advanced tricks for your Sheltie).

Cons: They seem to be quite dismissive of other training methods, even writing off dog whispering as being something superstitious! I think clicker training is a powerful tool but it can of course be used in combination with other methods – to keep saying otherwise seems a little narrow minded.

For More Info: This is a great course and a complete ebook guide to clicker training, which can be downloaded at the Canis website.

Do you own any of these dog training programs? Discuss your views over at the dedicated Behavior and Temperament section of our Sheltie Planet Forum!