BuddiesThis is Sadie one of the “timid” shelties rescued from Buxton Puppy Mill…

Sadie came in from a walk and noticed her cat friend Simon was laying on her blanket…and before taking off her leash she jumped up next to him to take a nap. Later she let him lick her ears… what’s next a massage??

Hooray for Sadie and Simon… they’re best buddies!

Put him on the payroll Marsha!  :)

SadieMy name is Becky and these are pictures of my dog, Sadie, and my sister’s dog, Bella.  The dogs are actually sisters as well and have such different personalities!  
My sister, Kari, and I both recently got married and couldn’t think of a better way of starting off our families than with a Sheltie!Bella4

Cowboy & Sadie do their best innocent puppy head tilts!HeadtiltHow did you get them to do that in unison Timber?