Here are a great variety of Sheltie ebooks that are published on the internet… including Sheltie related humor, fiction and training guides to make your Sheltie even smarter! eBooks are great for those of you who want immediate access to information, but without the shipping cost.  Happy reading!

Sheltie Cartoons eBook50 Sheltie Cartoons

Rob Middleton, a brilliant Cartoonist and animal lover, has put together an hilarious Sheltie ebook called 50 Sheltie Cartoons. Full of cute and hilarious full color images, this is a wonderful ode to the Shelties we all know & love.

This Shetland Sheepdog ebook is available for instant download here.

Macaroni, Sheltie, ChaseMacaroni, Sheltie, Chase

In this short story, Amber contends with her gifted Sheltie, Sunny, for ownership of a Macaroni noodle. But what starts as a little game gets interesting when Sunny begins to talk, and even more interesting when he transforms Amber into a cat to even the odds of their game!

Macaroni, Sheltie, Chase is a Sheltie ebook available on Kindle or in your web browser.

11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

This easy to read 11 step program can make all the difference in helping your dog live a long, healthy life. In her eye-opening ebook, Michele Welton will tell you how to find the right food, choose the best vet, and helps you navigate much of the outdated or incorrect information on the web.   Guaranteed to enlighten you with pages of wisdom that will have a big influence in your dog’s life.

11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and HappyThe Husky and The Sheltie

Two adorable puppies are waiting in a small pet shop, hoping, and waiting desperately for a home. This is a touching story of two cute, but different puppies, and how they touched the life of a little girl. Along the way they all learn a lesson about the love deep within the heart of a child, and a little about themselves too.

Teach Your Dog 100 English WordsDog Quest: Find the Dog of Your Dreams

What kind of dog is best for you? Where should you get your dog? Which individual dog should you pick? Purebred, crossbred, or mixed….male or female….puppy or adult……buy from a breeder? Adopt from rescue? So many questions! You don’t want a mismatch, or a puppy who will grow up to have serious behavioral issues or health problems that cost a fortune. Michele Welton will guide you through your journey of choosing and finding the best dog for your family.

11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and HappyThe Heart of Dog

Award-winning author Doranna Durgin has over 30 published novels and another 19 short pieces. Now her dog-themed stories are collected in THE HEART OF DOG, along with those by other award-winning authors.

The stories encompass a range of genres and moods–plenty of humor, plenty of sweetness and satisfaction, and above all, a profound understanding of the Heart of Dog.  This ebook has a 5 star rating from readers!

Teach Your Dog 100 English WordsTeach Your Dog 100 English Words

Michele Welton, is a respected obedience instructor and canine psychologist who has written this popular ebook guide to dog training.

What is respect training?  It is MORE than obedience training. When your dog respects you, they look up to you. They will do anything for you, and they trust you to do anything with them. A respect-based relationship is what makes a dog a terrific companion.

Learn how to raise a well-behaved dog and how to teach them in a specific way that instills a respectful attitude. Proven effective on puppies and adult dogs of all breeds.

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