02/23/2000 - 09/27/2014

Memorial created 12/03/2017 by Ken.

Scotland’s Littlest Warrior

She was a surprise birthday present that I initially did not want. It didn’t take long for her to worm her way into my heart where she remains to this day. It’s been three years and I still miss her. Cancer took her body from me but her spirit will remain always.















Candles left in memory of Aggie

  1. Donna says:

    Such a beautiful girl! But as someone who just lost my second Sheltie back in October, please consider sharing all that Aggie love with a new pup. Who knows–you may save a life, you may inspire, you may spread more joy. WWAD? (What Would Aggie Do?)

    • Ken P. says:


      There’s a new Sheltie in the house. Tess is almost the complete opposite of Aggie. It’s like she knew she couldn’t fill Aggie’s paws so she went in a completely different direction. Some for the better and some for the worse. ? She’s making her own mark but Aggie will always be my girl.

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