Harley’s Special Touring Edition

07/15/2007 - 01/29/2018

Memorial created 07/13/2020 by Wendy.

Our Handsome Harley

Harley was oversized but had the most gentle, caring and protective demeanour ever.

When only 6 months old, he put himself in front of me and his sister Mercedes to protect us from a very large black bear. Luckily the bear turned and left. Whenever around other dogs, he would always push aggressors away from victims. And heaven help any dog that was aggressive to his beloved sister Mercedes. We witnessed him stare down a large black lab who just wouldn’t leave Mercedes alone. Eyeball to eyeball, not a sound, but obviously telling the lab to “back off”, which he did.

When his sister became ill, he would sit with her outside doing a lion king kind of protective pose, just in case. He was devastated when we had to let her go, and almost immediately became ill himself. Although he may have suffered, you would never have known it. We were going to take him into the vet on Monday morning to see what was wrong. I stayed up with him Sunday night and as we both fell asleep on our front room sofa, he passed in his sleep, with his head in my lap. That was our beloved Harley, always doing things his way.

We will see you, my dear friend at the Rainbow bridge.

R.I.P. Harley

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