Hephzibah Maxine Murphy (Eppie)

03/17/2006 - 03/30/2018

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My dear widowed mother, Dorothy, one day called me out of the blue and asked my permission to get a Sable Sheltie puppy. I know that may sound strange, but my mother was then in the fourth year of the fight for her life with breast cancer, and I believed she knew that Eppie would help to get me through the struggle which would come to her only child if the Good Lord decided to call her away from us too soon.

My Mom always had a keen sense of survival and what that takes. You see, she lost my father to a heart attack when he was only 31 years old, she was 22 and I was in her womb with three months to go until my birth. And, well survived she did by raising me to be a high-school football star, university graduate and world traveling aviator. Of course, I wholeheartedly encouraged her to get that puppy.

But, as fate would have it; after only a year of raising the pup, she passed from our midst, and I did take Eppie home with me to Connecticut as, although never shared, would be my mother’s wish. Over the next eleven years, I experienced the love and joy of a Shelties companionship which without; I’m not all sure that I’d be here to share this little story of love with you.

Back home again in Indiana, and on a beautiful Good Friday afternoon in 2018, Eppie went back to Mom. And now they, the best mom and best dog ever, are watching me raise a beautiful new Tricolor Sheltie puppy named, Dottie.

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