Lene Banks

03/06/2004 - 02/14/2020

Memorial created 04/29/2020 by Dan and Chrissy Banks.

Lene Banks. Love Mom and Dad rest easy girl

We had Lene since she was a 9 week old pup, she outlived her other 8 brothers and sisters by 5 years. We got her from Margret Mb and the breeder told us she was a special little girl, and she sure was. We attended puppy and intermediate school and she became such a sweet, smart and kind loving girl. If their was any children around she would always go over and protect them by blocking anybody trying to get to the child. We winter down south, we bring our Shelties to some handicap people for emotional support there. Lene was loved by the elderly ladies and would always lay on their feet keeping them warm. She always had to be close to a person especially children she was full of love. We rehomed Kensi in your honour.

We will miss you sweet precious girl, rest easy, Mommy, Daddy, Kobe and Kensi love and miss you.

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