Noah Blazen

02/13/2010 - 04/21/2020

Memorial created 04/22/2020 by Vanessa.

A Life Measured In Memories

10 years was not near long enough. I will miss your footsteps running up and down the stairs or pitter-patter of your paws from room to room to come find me. I miss your jumping into the the bedroom window to look outside and bark when
you saw me coming in the driveway. I miss you begging at my feet for food or picking up any morsel
of food I dropped in the kitchen. I miss you bringing your empty bowl to the family room. I miss your love for the sprinklers and getting soaked. I miss your teasing the other dogs to go run to the door so you could stay back to get the plate to lick or eat the rest of the food. I miss your barking and your crying when you want to go for a walk or get the mail. I miss your cuddles in bed at night and teasing your dad by jumping in bed and start sleeping on his pillow knowing good and well you have to move again. I miss your beautiful soft fur and gorgeous brown eyes looking at me. You would do any trick to get a treat and did your tricks well! You taught Harley who didn’t bark at all when we got him how to bark at people at the door, down the street or bark at other dogs. You were so good natured about wearing Halloween costumes and loved wearing a scarf and didn’t like when I took it off to wash it or change into a different one. You brought be so much joy and you will never know how big a hole you left in my heart. I have no idea how or when I will get through a day without crying and missing our routine. But I have to believe that you are in heaven with Blaze and Carmel and that you will be waiting with the crew for me when it is my time.I know you loved me as you were never far from my side anywhere we went. I loved how even when we went to the dog park you would look back to make sure mom was there and then jump up and down for joy when you discovered I was still there. Thank you for allowing me to be your mom and thank you for 10 years of blessing memories and joy. Forever in my heart and memories. I love you Noah Blazen, Mom

Candles left in memory of Noah Blazen

  1. Karen says:

    You said what every Sheltie owner feels and misses. I lost my precious boy, Stryker, on March 13, 2019 and I have to tell you, I, too, still cry over his loss. He was only 7 years old. We had moved across the country in 2017 from Michigan to Nevada. He LOVED traveling in an RV and was so easy to please. Once we decided to settle down, we stayed in an apartment until we found a house. He adjusted to everything so well and was just happy to be with my husband and me. One morning he was on the floor just staring at the wall. We rushed him to the Vet and the found a tumor on his heart. And then he was gone. His memories, now, are starting to comfort me. I know, in time, you will find comfort in your Noah’s memories as well. Grief knows no time frame. My heart is with you, Karen

  2. Debbie says:

    Oh my golly, Vanessa, this is so sweet!! I can see from the expression on your darling boy’s face that he was a keeper — and from what you’ve written, I bet he had you completely wrapped around his little paws too! Just 10 years? You’re right, that’s too soon. But you know, even if it had been 20 years, it would still have been too soon! We’re blessed to have shared life with these beautiful boys, and I know they’ll wait for us — and when it’s time for that reunion, they’ll be ecstatic, as will we! Sending you lots of hugs during this time of grieving. Let those tears flow — and one day, you’ll remember only the good times and you’ll smile again!

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