03/01/2004 - 06/09/2020

Memorial created 06/11/2020 by Terry.

A Friend to All

I adopted Quincy when he was 5 1/2. He knew nothing but sit. However, the character of this dog needed no teaching. Quincy would never intrude upon anyone’s space. Rather he would just present himself. All he wanted was a pet on the head. His gentle nature won over children who were afraid of him and adults who needed to be accepted for themselves. My little neighbor Emily has been his friend since she was 4 and afraid of him.Every time I would open the door, he would immediately walk out and look to his right to see if she was outside. She is now 14 and I was so glad she came over Monday night to pet and love on him a last time. The nursing home days for 18 months exposed his gentle nature and true liking of all people. He just walked right over to them or jumped upon their bed for a cuddle. We were there 6 days a week and I loved him more and more after each visit. He was just so generous with his being.

His passing is heartbreaking to me. He was with me at the office, showing homes, at closings, the car dealership for service and of course the Petco. He would lay right next to me as I sat at my desk, follow me to the kitchen even if I was just doing the dishes and look back and wait for me if he was walking too fast.

Godspeed my little honey bunny.

Candles left in memory of Quincy

  1. Teen says:

    Good boy.

  2. Mary Wagner says:

    Sweet Quincy a life well lived bringing a smile and comfort to many. Rest easy now ??

  3. Kelly says:

    Quincy is and was a “good boy” all of his life. Know he’s safe with Grandmom Rosie and Aunt Paulette, but his spirit will be with his Mom Terry as long as she needs him. Rest in peace, dear Q. Yelp – k.

  4. Kathy D says:

    He truly looks worthy of receiving a whole box instead of just one. I recently lost my sheltie in February and our ihome is not the same. I would love to love another but they are hard to come by.

  5. John Parker says:

    Thank you for sharing him. We are sending our little Sugar to run ahead today. From the picture and story she is the spitting image in body and character of your Quincy.

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