08/01/2004 - 09/18/2019

Memorial created 07/19/2020 by Nancy.

My heart dog

I adopted Tracer when he was four months old. He was supposed to be bred when he reached adulthood until the breeder changed his mind and decided to euthanize him because of his deformity. He was missing his left front leg. He was rescued and taken to a Southland Sheltie Rescue foster home in La Habra, California. I picked him up a few days later. He taught himself how to walk, and when he came home with me he figured out how to walk up and down stairs. He was completely normal in every other way. However, he was unable to lift his leg to urinate against a tree, so he squatted like a female dog. Talk about sweet and gentle. He loved everyone he met. You knew he liked you when he lay down so you could rub his tummy. We did a lot of cross-country travel by car in the early years. He loved to travel. He loved meeting new people and other dogs. He felt it was his job to herd the local birds and squirrels. He was fascinated by turtles and snakes. The middle-school science teacher who lived in the apartment building next to ours had a corn snake that he brought outside to show the neighborhood kids. Tracer and I occasionally housesat for a family that owned a 70-pound tortoise. They were best friends. All the female dogs in our neighborhood adored him. His favorite dog friend was a tan Pug called Piggy. She would dance around him whenever she saw him. He had another girlfriend that was a gray cat. She disliked everyone – except Tracer. His favorite food was shrimp which he enjoyed whenever I had a party and set out a platter with cocktail sauce. Tracer also had his own “flock” of wooly sheep. He was always walking around with one of his “Baa Baa’s” in his mouth. Tracer’s life was very simple. We went to the park every day where he could meet his friends and even make new friends. When Tracer and I hit our senior years, we both started having health problems. I had triple heart bypass surgery and had complications that kept me in the hospital for months. Tracer was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and low thyroid. A few years later we got an even worse diagnosis – cancer. Tracer was a trooper. He never cried or whined or bit anyone in anger. He fought till the end, always alert and trying to participate in everyday life. His passing left such a hole in my heart and a void in my life. I never knew a more faithful friend and loving animal in my life. I was so blessed that he shared his life with me.

Candles left in memory of Tracer

  1. Wendy says:

    Tracer was so beautiful. He never knew he was disabled. Because of you, he led such a full life. Bless you for adopting him. He is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, where he will be made whole again. Tracer can run with my Harley and his sister Mercedes until we get there.

    • Kathleen A. Allen says:

      Your beautiful Tracer can run with my Lonie Bonnie Girl who passed when she was 11 in my arms and my Dancer Prancer Boy who was 14 when he passed. I miss them so very much and I cry each day. Little ones wait for me and we can all be together once again. Until then, Love Mommy.

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