One day every baseball season, The Padres @ Petco Park, San Diego has a Dog Day of summer just for our furry friends.  As we took our seats, Lia (our 3 year old) kept looking around and watching other dogs, some even participating in a Doggie Parade; most dogs behaved and sat quietly with their pet-parents.

Lia curiously didn’t like sitting on the grass, where her vantage point was lower, she preferred instead to take a seat, and she couldn’t believe there are so many of her Doggie pals in one place!!  Surrounded by the typical sorts, Labs, Retrievers, Doxies, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Mixed Breeds, etc…She acted like she was in Doggie Heaven…Lots of pals everywhere…!!

As the game start fast approached, two dogs were becoming restless and began to bark incessantly and Lia’s reaction was classic.  I watched and took this snapshot showing her horror regarding the commotion; as if to say “What!!!?, What’s the problem? — You know, when your parents take you out, you’re supposed to behave!”

Needless to say — her beautiful face said it all!!

Shetland sheepdog on chair at baseball game
But of course, Agi!