It was 103 degrees in Ojai, California this past week.

Connor’s mom thought it was a great time for a bath.

I think Connor would disagree.


They never think it is a good time, Jackie. ;)

This is Indy. We were walking along a dusty trial here in Southern California when he came across one of the few creeks we have that hasn’t dried up yet. He dove right in and covered his lower body in mud. He earned himself a bath as a result.


Not a happy man, Kelly…but squeaky clean! LOL

Arianna says: “I was having fun and then, well something happened and well I just don’t know what. Get me out of here!”


(Mom Susie gives us the real story. Arianna experiences her first bath after a losing battle with wet newspaper print!)

Oh the trials of having a merle, Susie! ;)