My seven year old Sheltie Bailey has just had surgery on his front wrist. Due to a previous injury and a genetic condition his foot rolled outward and he could no longer walk without pain. He had an arthrodesis surgery – or fusion of his joint. He will be in his cast for 8 weeks and he has been kenneled for the first week 24 hrs a day. There should be a positive outcome for him though. The goal is to have him waling again without pain.


Oh my, Sandy! Hugs Give him lots of cookies and keep us posted!

Little Dodger sleeps after a hard day of hobbling around on his cast.   As you can see by the the dirty stub, he is getting along so well now.

It’s just the cutest sound in the world hearing him rush down the hall to get to his crate for his “I went potty outside treat”!  paw paw thump paw paw thump…but its faster than you can even say it!

Glad the little man is feeling better Mary!